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Advertising You Can Trust
  • Timestamped photos of every completed installation
  • Proof of delivery reports for every project

Total Accountability

ProofRock gives you confidence in Bay Media campaigns.

Photographic evidence of every installation
Photos cannot be edited, so you know your ad went up just as you intended

Accurate GPS data and timestamps
See your ads on a map, so you know where and when each went live



Bay Media have advertising sites across the UK, France and Germany.

Out-of-home ads like these reach 98% of the UK population each week. Raised adverts achieve 2.5x better results than ground-level ads.

All of our sites are meticulously mapped, and include viewing figures from Route, the official source for out-of-home audience estimates.

Visualise and select from:

7,500 x Lamppost Banner Sites: Prime visibility in high-traffic areas

620 x 6-Sheet Poster Sites: 24/7, high-impact messaging

38 x AirDressing Billboards in 13 Shopping Centres: Premium exposure in key retail environments



ProofRock underpins Bay Media’s quality-assurance process.

Reliable Installations: ProofRock complements the expertise of our certified teams, ensuring specification-compliant execution.

Unmatched Durability: Premium materials and rigorous craftsmanship ensure long-lasting campaigns that withstand the elements.

Viewing Figures: Our sites have independently-provided viewing figures, so you can place your ads where they will work hardest.


Positive Impact

We return over £1 million to UK councils each year, supporting reinvestment in local communities.

Planet Mark Certification: We’re committed to working sustainably.

Tree Planting Initiative: We've planted 3,598 trees, and counting!

Bay Recycle Program: Our old campaign banners gain new life.

Living Wage Employer: We ensure fair pay for all of our employees.